It was raining heavily. The sky grows darker. The boatman was trying to reach toward to countryside,daunting width of sea seems perilous.he was thinking about his small family living in the log cabin for away suburb. He was alone and afraid of losing his life in this menachig strom suddenly a big monster come across him and asked him to give some place in his boat . the boatman got frightend but still he allow him to take a place. both of  them going ahead and chattering moves forward.The monster told him that,earlier he was a young man then he got cursed by saint .One day when the saint was sitting under a  tree. but and chanting hymn, he throw at stone to that mango tree .But it fall and hit hard the saint,s head hence he got irritated and cursed by a the youngboy turning him a   sea monster .The monster wept alot on his fate .He leaves his own place and started living in the sea .when both of them reaches the suburb the boatman explains everything  to his family . Ultimately with the affection of the family the monster blessed them with gold coins and ran back to the sea as a cannot live on the land. The boatman and his           family lives happily                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    THE  END